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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Day Eight (January- February 2003)

"If typos and misspellings means that David is drunk, then what does that say about Zack and Warrick? They must be drinking 24/7. " Danny 1316.18

"and damn if Paul Abdul don't look sexier than ever. " Scott 1330.2 Is he related to Paula?

"Die Welt schaut mächtig gut zu mir, Ursache Tootie Rollen alle sind an, die ich sehe." Jessica 1332.25

"If I'm ever gonna have children (and I will!) they're gonna be raised bilingual - if not multilingual (=in several languages)! " Julian 1332.30 I second that!

"Ich vestehe auch Spanish, und manchmal, wenn ich mit meine Großeltern rede, sie werden mir etwas auf Spanish fragen, und ich antworte sie auf Deutsch! " Isha 1332.31 Ich auch, aber es ist meine Spanischprofessorin, nicht meine Großeltern! Zum Gluck ist sie sehr nett.

"I'd almost want to set myself on fire for the hell of it, but these days I'm a little more careful with my life. In another 15 or 16 years though, who knows?" Scott 1335.20

"I live to serve the people." Danny 1339.5 I'll keep that in mind.

"Actually the experience sounded quite soothing. I considered lounging about in a vat of peanut butter and jelly myself!" Scott 1340.9

"What's weird about it is that it's dated March 2001, but the guy asks "Can you give any advice to someone who is terrified of flying and has to take a flight this coming September?" Scott 1346.3

"Everybody wastes money. Even homeless people waste money. If we weren't spending our money on Muppet junk, we'd just be losing it at the dog track or giving it to televangelists. The world is better off if we waste our money in harmless ways. " Danny 1348.1

"Animal's triplet brothers are named Vegetable and Mineral. " Ryan R 1357.12

"Scott would know. Scott knows everything. " Danny 1361.2

"Never go with the masses... unless it's Lord of the Rings." Scott 1362.13

So I know this probably isn't the most entertaining update, but I haven't eaten today either. So you have to cut me some slack.


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