Tough Pig Incredible Journey

Thursday, April 27, 2006

August- September 2003

Scott and Jes: 2347.1

"Why does Sweetumes have a purple boa? I can't really tell how he feels about it." Carolyn 2351.3

"Yeah, the more I think about it, the more this sounds like a good idea.
If more kids would get lessons in personal finance, there would be fewer 23-year-olds with maxed-out credit cards. " Danny 2362.10
I read "23 year olds" as "2 or 3 year olds." Which is much funnier.

"Anyone else have anything that they do that's driving your loved ones crazy, and you just can't stop?
Because I want to add to my repertoire. " Quinn 2367.1

""Bathysphere" is my new favorite word. I think from now on I'll sign off all my posts with it. " Tom 2383.12

First forum stats: 2397.1

Cathy loves TP (first post?) 2408.1

"Gee, it's a good thing I gave up Catholicism (for Lent) 10 years ago. It'll make these boards much more entertaining ;) " Cathy 2415.3
Cathy used to be such a nice girl.

"I seem to vaguely remember an old Bert & Ernie sketch where Ernie can't find Bert and is worried that something has happened to him. Ernie lists all the possibilites, with Bert standing behind him listening to the whole thing. At one point, Ernie thinks that Bert may have been carried off by monsters, "scary monsters with beady eyes and say 'wubba-wubba'". At this Bert shakes his head and repeats "wubba-wubba"?" Jeff 2423.5

"I have to admit I used to sing as a kid too. My mom should have beaten me up." Thjis 2423.29


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