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Sunday, April 23, 2006

August 2003

Danny quotes Grapes of Wrath: 2307.1

"I do have a script 8of the early draft of MFS]-- actually, I have a couple drafts -- and I've also been planning at some point to do an Anthology based on that. (One of my many plans I haven't gotten around to yet, because it involves actually reading things and taking notes.)
I think the big difference was that Gonzo was revealed at the end not to be an alien. The aliens actually had seen transmissions of The Muppet Show as the signals traveled through space, and they fell in love with Gonzo and decided to imitate him. So when you first saw them, they looked like Gonzo -- but then it turned out that those were masks.
So at the end of the movie, we still don't know what Gonzo is -- but his friends tell him it doesn't matter, because he's part of the Muppets.
Whether that would have been a more satisfying ending or not I don't know. " Danny 2321.3

"So, last night I dreamt that I was visiting the forum from my car, while driving, and I saw that Scott was posting from tthe Starbucks at a reststop in West Virginia. So I decided I'd swing by and visit him. When I got there he was chatting with Quinn, and I was all excited and greeted them, but they weren't exactly normal.
Scott was dressed in cream and white, and was writing all kinds of poetry. He had dies his hair black which he said was "for dramatic effect."
Quinn was dressed in full army gear, because he was on assignment for his very popular muppet website, which specialized in revealing the latest Muppet Merchendise. He had a huge following who was eager to learn the latest secrets, so we went to this toy factory, and crawled through the bushes, and Quinn looked through his binoculars to see the latest cards in the "Muppet Trading Card Game."
Then he used Scott's digital camera to take pictures of them for the site.
I woke up and was highly amused." Isha 2324.1

"My mom always said she thought I would be a bag lady that talked to my shoes, so I always have that to fall back on." Alaina 2332.20

"Sometimes I TRY to look like Jesus, but I can't ever really pull it off. Not even with the beard, robes, and a towel on my head.
Maybe it's my attitude. " Quinn 2334.100

Quinn on Muppeteer Hugging: "...this is one step away from Floating Head Porn...
If y'all get to that point, be sure to post the link. " 2344.5


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